A little bit about us:

We are two self-proclaimed boss babes local to Vancouver who, like many women, struggle and grow through insecurities, anxiety and all the weight and pressures of the modern world. We built Delush with the idea to empower our sisters, friends and women to be comfortable with who they are and that it’s ok to have a little aid to help along the way. When we discovered the amazing benefits of that good, good, we wanted to introduce it to our loved ones.


We began our line with our Sweet Heart Bath Bombs, a convenient way to administer the benefits of natural ingredients to your body all while being self-indulgent and discreet. We truly believe in self-care and it’s importance in mental, physical and soulful health. From here we’ve expanded our line to include, Whipped Body Butters, Tinctures, Scrubs, and more great, everyday products, that those who are new to the bath and body community and/or otherwise would never partake in this form of bath and body remedy. Needless to say, we’ve converted many non-believers, including our traditional mothers!

Solvent-Free Tincture
Sweet Heart Bath Bombs
The Magic Stick - Liger Balm
The Magic Stick
Hemp Body Lotion
Whipped Body Butter
whipped sugar scrub
Whipped Soap Scrub
The Ultimate Indulgence Gift Box – Limited Edition
$220.00 $180.00
Full Spectrum Vape Pen – 0.5g
Delush Chill Out Box
Chill Out Box – Limited Edition
$150.00 $105.00
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